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NMAAHC Building

Welcome to the Searchable Museum

A place to explorehistory and culturethrough anAfrican American lens


Making a Way Out of No Way

Through community institutions and activism, African Americans crafted possibilities in a world that denied them opportunities.

A purple silk banner with gold fringe and the National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs' motto, "LIFTING / AS / WE CLIMB" painted in large gold letters.


The Constellation

Artifacts and topics illuminating connections to history


Lesser-Known Stories

Shining a new light on the African American past and its people.

Bridget "Biddy" Mason

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Bridget “Biddy” Mason helped to establish the First African Methodist Episcopal Church of Los Angeles.

Portrait of Bridget Biddy Mason

The Mississippi Health Project II

In June and October of 2021, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. offered an array of health services to Mississippi residents in underserved communities.

Photograph of 5 women from AKA Sorority

The Pacific Parachute Company

Skydiving entrepreneur Howard “Skippy” Smith founded one of the first Black-owned and managed war production plants during World War II.

Photograph of Workers at the Pacific Parachute Company

Homer G. Phillips Hospital and School of Nursing

Homer G. Phillips Hospital served as the preeminent training facility for African American nurses and physicians during segregation.

Photograph of Homer G. Philips hospital and students


Present to Past

Current events and issues from a historical perspective


African Americans continue the fight for social justice and equal treatment under the law.

People waiting in line to vote


African Americans established schools for their communities and have taken innovative approaches to education while challenging segregation and discrimination.

Black and white photograph of Marva Collins in a classroom with students


Structural racism and racist beliefs about African Americans shape access to care and health outcomes.

Black women in masks at a protest


While serving the nation, African Americans continued to fight for justice and their own freedom

A black and white photograph of two soldiers, in military fatigues, perched on the edge of the windshield, boots resting on the jeep's hood.


How We Know What We Know

Methods, tools, and sources used to study African American history and culture

Composite Image of items featured in How We Know What We Know

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Photograph of museum exterior