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Vivian Carter Mason

Black and White Photograph of standing students

Working for Social Justice

Vivian Carter Mason, 1950s

Vivian Carter Mason, 1950s

Women’s Council for Interracial Cooperation

Summary of Women’s Council’s Work for Schools, 1945–1959

Summary of Women’s Council’s Work for Schools, 1945–1959

We are not fighting to be integrated into American life; we have been integrated since the day we were born here. We are fighting for the same rights other Americans enjoy.

Vivian Carter Mason, 1954 

Fighting for Equal Education

Norfolk 17 Students at First Baptist Church, 1959

Norfolk 17 Students at First Baptist Church, 1959

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Photograph of 5 women from AKA Sorority

The Mississippi Health Project II: AKA Revisits Its Model for Community Health Care

In June and October of 2021, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. offered an array of health services to Mississippi residents in underserved communities.

Portrait of Bridget Biddy Mason

Bridget “Biddy” Mason

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Bridget “Biddy” Mason helped to establish the First African Methodist Episcopal Church of Los Angeles.

Photograph of Workers at the Pacific Parachute Company

The Pacific Parachute Company

Skydiving entrepreneur Howard “Skippy” Smith founded one of the first Black-owned and managed war production plants during World War II.

Cover image of "Contending Forces: A Romance Illustrative of Negro Life North and South"

Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins

Literary author and editor Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins used the power of her pen to challenge society’s assumptions about Black women.

Photograph of Homer G. Philips hospital and students

Homer G. Phillips Hospital and School of Nursing

Homer G. Phillips Hospital served as a preeminent training facility for African American nurses and physicians during segregation.