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New Black Worlds

An escaped astronuat prisioner eating soft served ice cream from a small ice cream stand called the Milky Way.

SectionReimagining Afrofuturism in Art

Afrofuturism in Visual Art

Syzygy I from artist Lola Flash’s syzygy, the vision series

Syzygy I from artist Lola Flash’s syzygy, the vision series

Bodys Kingelez

Jamaïca, 1991

Jamaïca, 1991

Tanekeya Word

Nick Cave

Nick Cave: Here Hear

A person dressed up in a slivery outfit with a large cone on their head infront of a rundown building.

Performances from Nick Cave’s 2015 exhibition and performance series featuring Soundsuits

Stephen Towns

Lauren Halsey

I get to create the worlds I wish I lived in. I collapse all of these worlds, street, pyramids, gorgeous nature, domestic worlds into one composition to create new opportunities that are about uplift, about togetherness.

Lauren Halsey

the eastside of south central los angeles hieroglyph prototype architecture (I)

Artist Lauren Halsey sits outside on the roof of the MET with her modern egyptian art installation.

Halsey walks through her large-scale installation and describes its relation to her own family history and to broader ideas of Black futures and community